NBN Information

1 – This is how your NBN should look when you move into your house. You will need to remove this grey cover on the NBN box (NTD) by pressing the 2 buttons on the bottom of the box and lift out towards you. Now you can plug your cable in.

2 – To remove the cover from the NTD, press these 2 little buttons in and pull the bottom of the cover towards you and lift the cover off.

3 – Make sure you have a patch lead plugged from your NBN box (NTD) to your modem.

4 – As you can see here, the blue cable runs from the NTD to the modem, then the green cables run from modem to the D1 and D2 outlets.

5 – Now you are plugged into D1 and D2, the outlets inside the home labelled D1 and D2 are now active. If you plug into these outlets in the house now they will work.

6 – To get your phone to work, you plug a phone cable into the phone port on the modem and plug into the corresponding port on the wall.