our services

Pre-wire New Homes

Bremtel can provide cabling in homes under construction, to suit all requirements and budgets. Making it easy for you to connect to a service provider, knowing it is done to meet their specifications

NBN Pre-Installation

Provide NBN pre-installation service to builders and clients while their home is under construction – making the home NBN ready from the day they move in. The customer only needs to choose a service provider and get connected over the phone, there is no need to make any appointments with NBN to connect the equipment, it’s all done! This is a FREE service to you, fully funded by the NBNCo


Bremtel Communications can also provide all your trenching requirements. We supply the communications conduit underground from the communications infrastructure pit (where provided) to the house. This makes connecting easy for your service provider, wether it be NBN, Opticomm, Telstra or others

Sub-Division/Unit Sites

We can provide design and/or construction of your telecommunications infrastructure on your sub-division. Service includes design/drafting plans, submitting and liaising with Telstra and others to meet Comms Alliance requirements